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About Us

What is Psychotherapy?

The term psychotherapy is often used interchangeably with "counseling:" the collaborative process of working side by side with a counselor on managing life challenges through the therapeutic process.  


Reasons you may seek psychotherapy services would be:

  • Sudden change in lifestyle causing confusion/distress

  • Acute or Chronic health struggles                    

  • Difficulty managing mood fluctuations

  • Struggles within various relationships in your life

  • Marital/family discord or disconnect

  • Feeling generally anxious or sad

Our First Session

Upon coming into the office, you'll notice a warm, non-judgmental space where you can begin to unwind from the weight of your struggles.  Our first session together will be about 60 minutes in length and will be a time where we can begin to get to know one another.  You can expect a back-and-forth conversation to explore what your current needs look like for services and the best way I can support you in your health journey. 

Release. Relax. Recharge.


About Sheri 

Masters of Arts, Counseling Psychology - 2011
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
NH License #1181

Over the past decade, I've had the opportunity to practice in a variety of settings and in the presence of clients from all walks of life.  My primary educational focus has been on understanding the importance of integrating holistic theory into the realm of counseling and I've found great success in exploring this avenue of therapy with my clients.  


Holistic theory includes recognizing the connection between the mind, body & spirit and treating the WHOLE being - not just the parts that appear problematic.  My professional lens is centered around this important connection and that in order to alleviate pain in one area, we must attend to all areas of ourselves.  I utilize principles of mindfulness and meditative practices, as well as a variety of other interventions. I have an easy-going and humorous nature that clients appreciate.  I strive to not only build a connection within our relationship, but to support you in creating and repairing relationships in your world, as well.

My goal is to support you in feeling comfortable and understood as we work in navigating challenges that come your way. You'll find ease in setting aside time to release stress, relax and recharge.


Ready to start?

Holistic Psychotherapy, LLC

Tel: (603) 941-4940


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